Submission Walkthrough

This walkthrough should help you going through the online abstract submission process. In case you have any further questions, please contact the conference department.

You will be asked to create an account. This account can be used for registration, accommodation booking, as well as including, reviewing, editing and submitting unlimited number of abstracts. 
After filling the requested information, you will receive confirmation email with your login infromation. If you have already created an account, please use your “User name” and “Password” to log in.

In case you have forgotten your password, you can request it’s resetting – click ‘Forgot password’ or contact the conference secretariat. You will receive your new password by email.

First page

On the first page you have the overview of abstracts already submitted for Conference (if any were submitted on your account). These abstracts can be edited clicking the Edit button next to the Abstract title.
For submitting a new abstract, please go to the bottom of the page, confirm the submission guidelines acceptance and click the ‘Submit new abstract’ button.

Abstract Submission – Step 1 – Address

Please note that the submitter can vary from the Presenting author. In case you are submitter and presenting author, proceed to next step.
In case you are submitting an abstract on behalf of someone else (presenting author is different from submitter), please click ‘Change presenting author’ button and fill in the presenting auhor’s details, click ‘Change presenting author’ and then continue to next step.

Abstract Submission – Step 2 – Topic

Select your preferred topic from the drop-down list and presentation preference from the second drop-down list.
Both fields are mandatory.

Abstract Submission – Step 3 – Abstract title

Add your abstract title in the text field. Title should not be more than 20 words.
The field is mandatory.

Abstract Submission – Step 4 – Text

Add your abstract text. Follow the guidelines published on the website. Note that you can paste the text from MS Word including basic formating, tables etc. – select the text in MS Word, press CTRL+C to place the text to the clipboard, go to the submission website and the ‘Paste from Word’../../images/image/paste_from_word.jpg” alt=”Paste from Word icon” />) will appear active in the editor toolbar – click it and the text will be inserted (MS Explorer) or the insert field window will pop-up, pres CTRL+V to paste the text and click the ‘Paste’ button to insert the text (Mozilla Firefox). For inserting pictures, place the cursor to the particular part of the text, click the ‘Image editor’../../images/image/picture_manager.jpg” alt=”Image manager icon” />) and the pop-up window will appear. Click ‘Upload’ button and then click ‘Select’ button to choose pictures from your harddrive to be uploaded to your abstract. Click ‘Add’ button to insert more than 3 pictures. Click ‘Upload’ button bellow to upload the pictures to the server. Then simply select the picture to be inserted to the text and click ‘Insert’ button. If you need to insert any special characters, you can use the ‘Insert symbol’../../images/image/insert_symbol.jpg” alt=”Insert symbol icon” />) from the editor toolbar.

Abstract Submission – Step 5 – Keywords

You can insert up to 5 keywords to your abstract. Type the keyword to the textbox and click ‘Add keyword’ button. Keyword is included and mentioned above and textbox for another keyword appears.

Abstract Submission – Step 6 – Co-Authors

The presenting author selected in Step 1 is automatically prefilled and the checkbox ‘is first (i.e. presenting) author’ is checked. If you agree that this presenting author will be first in the authors and co-authors list, click the ‘Add’ button. Then you can add co-authors of your abstract. Fill co-authors data are filled in the text-boxes and click “Add” button.The added authors can be revieved, edited or deleted from the list at the top of the page.
At the bottom of the page you can see the “Formated co-authors” – this is the way they will be published in the Abstract book.

Abstract Submission – Step 7 – Disclosure

Please mention any conflit of interrest – check “I have a potential conflict of interest to disclosure” and include the information to the textbox bellow. In case you have no conflicts, check “I have no potential conflict of interest to disclose” and follow to final submission.

Abstract Submission – Step 8 – Overview

You can overview your abstract here. In case you didn’t fill in any mandatory fields, you will be notified and asked to complete.
At the bottom of the page, you can see the “SAVE AND CLOSE” button.

If you have any questions regarding Abstract Submission or if you have any difficulties during the process, please contact the conference department.